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Sensational BlackBoard

It’s almost magic! Pictures in an instant, raised-line drawings anyone can create anywhere! You can feel your drawing as you draw, no need to flip your paper over, no need to draw in reverse. Make tactile images quickly and easily. Draw your own raised line pictures or trace copies from text book or reference materials.

  • Light weight at just 7 ounces.
  • Flexible enough to not break in your backpack but rigid enough to draw on your lap.
  • Inexpensive since it uses standard copy paper and medium ballpoint pen.
  • Smooth surface holds the paper in place. No clamps makes it easy to tuck into a briefcase or binder 11-1/4” x 9”.

An elegant design that is simply sensational!

$49.95 each

Sensational Blackboard Image

Sensational BlackBoard
Student Using the Sensational Blackboard

A Student Using the
Sensational BlackBoard
Sensational Black Board video 1

Learn how it’s done on the short video
BlackBoard Basics
Sensational Blackboard video 2

Sensational BlackBoard can also be used as a cutting tool. Watch the short video Pop Out Shape


Internationally recognized artist and three time winner of the President’s Golden Volunteer Service Award, John Bramblitt, who’s eyes happen to be blind but his ten fingers see just fine, says:

“I've used the Sensational BlackBoard in talks and workshops in museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dallas Museum of Art, Meadows Museum, etc. as well as universities, galleries, and schools all over the nation and have found it to be an invaluable teaching tool both for those new to drawing as well as experienced artists.”

Read what Natalie Shaheen author of Without a Classroom says here.

NEW! Sensational BlackBoard Mini

Student Using the Sensational Blackboard

Sentational Blackboard Mini
(click to enlarge)

Introducing the Sensational BlackBoard Mini

  • Compact size: 4-5/8" x 6-7/8"
  • half the weight of the regular Blackboard$29.95.
  • Perfect for backpack or handbag.


$29.95 each

Sadie Can Count

Sadie Can Count is our first children’s multi-sensory book. This award winning book has large print and Braille text, full color and fully embossed pictures. Beginning readers, sighted, blind or visually impaired can enjoy Sadie Can Count with their friends and family. The tactile and visual qualities of this book promote sensory integration for all readers including populations as diverse as Montessori students and children with autism.

Join Sadie as she explores her world and counts everyday treasures along the way. Help your child take their critical first step toward literacy by introducing tactile and visual symbols that represent common objects like socks, keys and shells.

Read the parent teacher guide here.
Sadie Can Count:  ISBN 0-9770054-8-8

$29.95 each

Sadie Can Count book cover

Sadie Can Count Book
Student Using the Sensational Blackboard

A child exploring
Sadie Can Count
embossed socks image

Embossed socks image
beginning independent reading

Beginning independent
Braille and raised

Braille and raised







Louis Braille Classroom Posters

Student Using the Sensational Blackboard

Louis Braille Classroom
Poster (click to enlarge)

How cool is Braille! Awareness and acceptance go hand-in-hand, this poster can lead sighted, blind and visually impaired children to both. Inspire all your students with the story of Louis as a child inventor. Post the chart of the Braille alphabet in the classroom to inform everyone. Have students add tactile dots, you supply, to the poster Braille as an additional activity.

(poster shipped rolled)

$7.99 each

Alphabet Cards, Note Cards and Pictures

Sensational Books! would be happy to help you create your personalized cards or images. We can work with you to help you get the exact look and feel to your cards that you need. Cards can have color and embossing or just embossing. We can emboss images and Braille.

Call or email for a free quote. 303 238 4760

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